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Subsidiaries’ Operations and Businesses

We are delighted to welcome you into our family of happy investors and entrepreneurs.

The Thomasevic Group Limited is an all-round entrepreneurial establishment with the object of nurturing dreams into magnificent realities.

Our company’s success is hinged on the partnership we build with our clients and our experienced professionals with varied degrees of expertise in different fields of endeavor.

The complementary and synergistic benefits of this partnership make members of the group stand out in the experiences of our clients.

We put our best resources at your disposal to make any engagement with us a successful one.

The Thomasevic Group Limited and its subsidiaries are your right partners to collaborate with in delivering services in the following areas;

Walk-The-Talk Enterprises Limited (
• General Supplies of Goods (including Building and construction m

• Compliance and Corporate Secretarial Servicesaterials)

• Fire and Office Safety and Environmental Management Services
• Personal Hygiene and Pharmaceutical Products

One Eye Ghana Limited (
• Human Capital Management consultancy services
• Finance and Accounting Support Services
• Financial Advisory and Debt Management/ Recovery Services

Star-Force Ghana Limited (
• Private Security Services (including Deployment of personnel, tracking devises, electronic security devices such as CCTVs, etc)
• Corporate Facilities Management services (including Professional Cleaning/ Janitorial Services, Repair and Servicing of Office Equipment, etc)
• Dispatch & Courier Services (including Standard Next Day Inter-City and Express Intra-City Parcel Deliveries)

Why Work with a member of The Thomasevic Group;
Members of the group take time to understand your needs and work with you to define what outstanding client service means to you. We always aim to bring insight and up to date thinking to help you meet your objectives.

We also take the time to assess and understand the task at hand and monitor our service delivery process to give our clients a perfect and adequate solution.